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Naples artist takes broad-horizon look at issues, planted with land mines

John Carroll Long keeps an energizing clutter of art tools — brushes, hammers, welders, saws, files — in residence around his workroom. The only one you don’t see is the cattle prod.

“Anarchy,” his justopened show at the Up Art & DesignGallery, plans to use the stinger, however. Your first clue is the wall hanging of two Wild-West Smith & Wesson revolvers , barrel ends aligned to suggest a cross, with a Christ figure affixed to it. The title is “Peacemaker.”

That’s equaled by the poster depicting the evolution of civil rights slogans, which start with “Let my people go” and makes a swift and sad run-up to today, where we are still in the lamentable circumstance of having to be convinced that “Black LivesMatter.”

Starting to feel the pain? Check out your rating on the Existence of God scale.

Long has always had his finger on the issues cluttering our denial inboxes, and he confronts the viewer with them in disingenuous ways.

See ‘AnArchy’, 2D

“Peacemaker,” above, and “Bye, Polar,” at top, by John Carroll Long

“Red, Whi te, Black & Blue”


John Carroll Long

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